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Neodymium Iron Boron   I   Ceramic / Ferrite   I   AlNiCo   I   Samarium Cobalt   I   Injection Moulded Magnets

Specialist Machining
Machining of permanent magnets is how we started and we’re still doing that today.  By machining large blocks into smaller pieces we are able to offer short lead-times.  We not only machine simple geometric shapes such as blocks, rings and discs, but can offer more complex shapes using EDM wire cutting.

Having the ability to machine permanent magnets give us a great advantage when it comes to controlling tolerances and quality.  We regularly produce goods for space and military applications that require tight tolerances, 100% inspection and 2nd quadrant magnetic hysteresis curves.

Stock Magnets
Other than the ability to machine magnets in house, which were proud to say we still do better and faster than most other companies in the UK, we also stock a huge range of products for immediate despatch.  We keep a healthy stock product range as well as specific stock qty for call off orders.  All this with the aim to keep our lead times as low as possible